Addressing the Homeless Crisis

One of the most pressing issues facing our City is the crisis of homelessness. It has divided our City between homeless advocates who are passionate about protecting the rights of all people in Burien and residents who are genuinely fearful about problems like drug use, crime, and sanitation.

As your City Council Member, I will work to bring people together around this issue to find common sense solutions. I believe we can provide critical services for the homeless such as substance abuse and mental health programs and well-run shelters that are committed to providing emergency relief and transitioning people into permanent housing.

We need to keep families together, provide adequate sanitation services and access to affordable housing. We need to work with the police and emergency service providers, not to criminalize homelessness, but to build a better understanding of the root causes of the crisis.

These are tough problems that require both compassion and solution-based approaches. If you have thoughts on this issue or ideas about how to address homelessness in our City, I want to hear from you. Together, we can build a more livable Burien.